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What is Team Peace Challenger?

For the bright future of children throughout the world


Team Peace Challenger was established for the purpose of protecting the earth's environment and creating a peaceful and prosperious society for the bright future of childlen throughout the world.
As citizens of Japan and with the interaction of people from other Asian countries, we have been developing an international women's vision of a truly peaceful world, tackling international problems such as the global environment and poverty.


1. In Japan, we work for policy proposals, at country and prefecture levels as follows;
(1) Establishment of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
(2) Introduction of the quota system to increase female menbers of the Diet.

2. As local actions, we hold lecture meetings on global environment problems and report the results of discussions and interactions with other Asian societies. We also conduct fair trade exhibitions and also hold seminars called "Terakoya Jyuku" for women thereby promoting public awareness of political and relevant social issues.

3. Overseas, we conduct various activities such as volunteer work and support in Thailand, India, and Bangladesh, and also hold overseas study seminars.



Group Name:          Team Peace Challenger

Kind of Organization:A non governmental organizaion for domestic and international Development

Head Office:            5-11-14, Yawata, Ichikawa-city, Chiba Prefecture, Japan 272-0021

Phone & Fax:          +81-47-332-0706


Establishment:         December 16th, 2007

Executive:                 Representative Director Hiroko Nakayama
                                  Director of the Press Dept. Sachiyo Fujita
                                  Director of the international Dept. Eri Kurata

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